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Levelling with Ease at A & E Leisure

AL-KO HY4 Levelling Now Available for Fitting !!


The Fully-automatic motorhome levelling system with unique, decentralised hydraulics concept, is setting completely new standards. The chassis experts from Kötz are presenting the most sophisticated, most innovative and safest steady leg system for motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato X250 with AL-KO chassis (permissible overall weight up to a maximum of 6.0 tonnes). Completely new in Europe and this class of product is the close affinity with high-quality, long-lasting and robust heavy load technology from major US leisure vehicles. The idea behind AL-KO HY4: Each of the four steady legs on the motorhome has its own, independent assembly. This saves the laborious and time-consuming installation of hydraulic hoses along the entire length of the chassis and avoids any loss of storage space in the superstructure and because all components in the fully winter-proofed system are installed securely in the chassis, the risk of leaks or any oil contamination in the superstructure is eliminated.

Another benefit is the fact that the weight of the high-quality supporting system is distributed perfectly between the front and rear axles thanks to its decentralised, “load-friendly” design. In other words, the permissible payload in the rear storage space or rear garage, especially in the 3.5-tonne class, is less affected than with other support systems. This means that the overall vehicle's centre of gravity is shifted downwards, which has a positive effect on driving safety and driving dynamics. Conversely, AL-KO HY4 acts as an immobiliser when thevehicle is stationary, providing protection against theft.

The general rules that apply to steady legs also naturally apply to the AL-KO HY4: the fully automatic supporting system, in which all of the components are connected perfectly to the chassis, compensates uneven ground and guarantees a safe, level position for the motorhome while camping. And not only that: comfort functions, some of which can be custom-programmed -such as lateral tilting of the vehicle when draining the tank or adjustment of preferred sleeping positions at every pitch thanks to the corresponding basic alignment of the motorhome -mean that AL-KO HY4 can be individually adapted to every vehicle and therefore perfectly to the user's own wishes.

AL-KO Fahrzeugtechnik / Vehicle TechnologyThe system is operated easily and intuitively via a cabled remote control featuring state-of-the-art LED technology and a central electronics unit, designed for installation in the underfloor area. Excellent control performance, short response times from the telescopic cylinders and the option to transfer the entire product with the purchase of another motorhome without causing installation damage to the expensive superstructure of the previous vehicle add the finishing touches to this maintenance-free, high-end system.


• Levels to zero point accurately and provides stability effortlessly.

• Allows small adjustments to the vehicle as and when required with out retacting first.

• Extra memory functions for the user (i.e Sleeping or shower tray draining etc).

• Super Smooth operation on both retract and deploy.

• Weighing and App functions coming soon.


Fitting Options Fiat:

• Option 1 - Hydraulic pumps go behind the jacking points.
• Option 2 - Hydraulic pumps fitted behind fuel tank - (not compatible with add blue or larger fuel tank)
• Option 3 - Hydraulic pumps fitted behind battery box(not compatible with Full Air)

If in Doubt, give us a call to arrange an inspection or why not send us a Pic.

The Motorhome kit engineered by E & P Hydraulics combines practicality, value and ease. The system takes all the hard work out of levelling leaving nothing but your holiday to look forward to. It is quite simply, press a button and relax in 2 minutes!

- Fully automatic front to back & side to side

- Sturdy/solid and vibration-free position

- Good price-performance ratio

- Additional theft protection

- AL-KO HY4 has 4 corner steady legs each with its own independent assembly

- All components are fully automatic and connected perfectly to the chassis

- Large supporting plate for axle supports

- Based on the Fiat Ducato X250 with the AL-KO chassis and a permissible overall weight of a maximum of 6.0 tonnes

- 12 Volt operating voltage

Expected Price £6495 – Call 01606 973005 for more info

Call now on 01606 973005

or email us on [email protected]

The HY4 system is now also available for the Fiat Standard Chassis

The HY4 System is expected to be supplied and fitted for £7000.00 inc VAT

If you would like any further information and talk to someone who has used/fitted this kit. Please call and ask for James or Roger.

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