AL-KO HY4 Now available for fitting at A&E Leisure!!

Here at A&E Leisure we are very excited to announce that we now fit the amazing AL-KO HY4 Motorhome Levelling System.

The Fully-automatic motorhome levelling system with unique, decentralised hydraulics concept, is setting completely new standards. The chassis experts from Kötz are presenting the most sophisticated, most innovative and safest steady leg system for motorhomes based on the Fiat Ducato X250 with AL-KO chassis.

Completely new in Europe and this class of product is the close affinity with high-quality, long-lasting and robust heavy load technology from major US leisure vehicles.

The idea behind AL-KO HY4: Each of the four steady legs on the motorhome has its own, independent assembly. This saves the laborious and time-consuming installation of hydraulic hoses along the entire length of the chassis and avoids any loss of storage space in the superstructure. And because all components in the fully winter-proof system are installed securely in the chassis, the risk of leaks or any oil contamination in the superstructure is eliminated.


– AL-KO HY4 has 4 corner steady legs each with its own independent assembly

– All components are fully automatic and connected pergectly to the chassis

– Large supporting plate for axle supports

– Based on the Fiat Ducato X250 with the AL-KO chassis and a permissible overall weight of a maximum of 6.0 tonnes

– 12 Volt operating voltage

Fitting Price £5495 – Call 01606 973005 to register interest

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