VB Coil Springs can massively improve not just the ride but the handling characteristics of your leisure vehicle.

By using progressively wound coils they can help to reduce body roll in corners.  Mounting reinforced coil springs is a non-adjustable solution for suspension problems. Reinforced springs will usually ensure that the vehicle returns to its original ride height( if not higher), thus increasing the suspension travel and improving stability. This solution is often used for vehicles that are constantly heavily laden.
  • Increase ride Height
  • Suitable for vehicles which are heavily laden
  • Increase suspension travel
  • Reduce Sagging.
  Some info about VB Air suspension
  • Have own their development, engineering, production and workshop?
  • Test their newly developed products (naturally) with great regularity, in conjunction with an independent party. For this purpose they have detailed and state-of-the-art electronics and they visit special test ranges.
  • Work according to the ISO 9001:2008 standards and are certified TÜV. For various manufacturers they also have a ‘Quality Approval’ declaration.
  • Deliver directly to various OE (Original Equipment) vehicle manufacturers

We Can supply VB Front Coil Upgrade self fit kits for only £449 (workshop fitting also available)

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