Free Electricity For Life!!!**

Would you like to be independent of a mains hook-up when touring with your caravan?

The simple solution is to use a solar panel to keep your battery fully charged.  

Here at A&E Leisure we stock a variety of different panels to suit most peoples needs.  

As with any solar powered installation you will need to do a calculation in order to be matched with the best panel for you.  An easy sum to work with for the electricity a solar panel will produce is – (W x Hrs) or (Watts multiplied by daylight hours) – So a 120w panel with 10 hours of daylight should produce 1200w of electricity.  Next you need to calculate how much electricity you will be asking from your leisure battery ie. which appliances you are wanting to run off the leisure battery and how much power they draw.  Once you have this figure its simply a case of making sure the panel you chose will generate enough electricity to keep the leisure battery charged.

We offer roof mounted systems or portable systems depending upon your needs, with prices starting at only £24.99 for a 4w folding panel and up to £599 for a 150w roof mounted panel including a charge controller (fully fitted).

Our most popular panels to fit touring caravans are 120w/150w roof mounted systems which all include a charge controller so once installed you don’t have to worry about being “plugged in” ever again!

120-watt Solar Motor Home & Boat KitPV Logic Foldup Solar Panel 90watt