Manual satellite antenna with graduated scale on the mast

Voyager G3 has a graduated scale on the mast for quickly setting the inclination when aligning the dish, a task that can be carried out from inside the vehicle. In order to set the inclination correctly it is important that the vehicle is level, otherwise the angle of the vehicle will have to be added to or taken away from the inclination value of the dish. After having set the inclination, just rotate the dish southward by turning the mast from the inside and adjust the positioning by watching the picture on the screen. Would you like it to be even easier? Then maybe the Voyager Digimatic is the one for you.

Content of each Voyager G3 kit

  • Satellite antenna complete with fold-down mast and connection cables
  • Universal LNB
  • Parabolic dish
  • Detailed instruction manual

Teleco Voyager G3 50 Cm Short/Long Mast £699.00 Fitted

Teleco Voyager G3 65 Cm Short/Long Mast £749.00 Fitted

Teleco Voyager G3 85 Cm Short/Long Mast £799.00 Fitted




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