Truma Motor Movers

Truma Motor Movers

Features of the Caravan Mover®

– Manual engagement single axle mover
– Soft start for jerk-free and precise manoeuvring
– Low-wear aluminium rollers
– Remote control for effortless precision
– Suitable for caravans and trailer vehicles up to 1800 Kg
– Lightweight and compact, weighs just 34 Kg
– No need for TÜV approval – no drilling or welding
– 5 year guarantee


Additional benefits of the Caravan Mover®

– Lightweight aluminium rollers for grip and low tyre wear
– Drive rollers engaged by hand, easily and effortlessly
– Cross actuation kit included; both drive assemblies are engaged from one side
– Durasoft drive for smooth starting and stopping
– Simple safe handling with the remote control hand-set
– Increased ground clearance
– Caravan can be rotated around its own axis (360 degrees)

Caravan Mover® manoeuvring system for caravans Only £799 Fitted Call 01606 973005