Tunit Petrol & Diesel Performance Tuning

Slow? Sluggish? Expensive to run? Tunit is the solution with up to 30% increased BHP and Torque up to 15% better MPG and an engine warranty included Tunit is the must have for motorhomes and towing vehicles.  From personal experience having a Tunit fitted to our own Citroen Relay, it really does deliver.  An engine remap or chip can be invasive to the engine management system removing the original software meaing a reversal or change can be diffficult.  Tunit is adjustable, removable and does not interfere with your original equipment, leaving the engine safety parameters in place.  From £450 Fitted there is no better option


Why Tunit?

All round increase in Performance and Cost saving


       Up to 30% more BHP and Torque

       Engine Warranty Included

       Up to 15% more MPG


Fully Adjustable

Better Fuel Economy

Best Performance

More Power

Free Engine Bay Clean and Fluid Level Check included

Before Engine Bay Clean

After Engine Bay Clean

Fully Fitted From only £450!

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