Bailey has focused on reducing not only the weight but also the nose weights of all of the models in the new Unicorn range. This has been achieved through a number of different design changes the most significant of which is the relocation of the gas locker from the front of the vehicle to a central position over the caravan axle. This not only enhances stability but also improves access to the gas bottles which are positioned at a more convenient height and frees up space at the front of the vehicle which can be incorporated in to the interior of the caravan.

The second generation Unicorn models range will again feature Alde central heating as standard equipment. Fitted in both single and twin axle layouts this system combines with the market leading thermal properties of the Alu-Tech body shell to make Unicorn the ultimate four season tourer.

The Alde system provides hydronic central heating to the caravan via integral radiators located throughout the main cabin and a practical heated towel rail in the washroom. The result is the provision of an even distribution of warmth at an even temperature across the whole vehicle. The slow air currents maintain humidity with very little particulate circulation which helps keep the atmosphere pleasant and

healthy throughout. While a silent running 12v circulator quietly pulls the fluid along the pipes with only a small current draw, making the Alde system ideal for use when

on locations without mains electrical power.