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TELECO designs, produces and markets a comprehensive range of devices and equipment for the reception of both terrestrial and satellite TV signals. In particular, it specialises in meeting the needs of the camping and leisure sector.

MAXVIEW is the UK’s largest manufacturer of TV, radio and satellite reception products; specialising in solutions for home installations
and mobile vehicles such as motorhomes, caravans, trucks and marine applications.

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Maxview Satellites



Onmi-sat Seeker 85cm Auto

Maxview’s new Omnisat Seeker Wireless system has been designed with the user in mind. Simple to use, easy and flexible installation options with elegant and modern styling.

The ultimate in convience along with its latest features surpass any other automatic satellite system available on the market.

The unique wireless backlit LCD control panel features animated display icons feeding back antenna status to the user at all times. The wireless feature allows unlimited mounting options and easy installation, making unsightly cable runs and fixing problems a thing of the past.

The control box comes with unique versatile mounting brackets offering flexible installation options and can be coupled with any satellite receiver (not supplied) to give the ultimate package

The Omnisat Seeker Wireless – A sophisticated, modern and innovative solution.


ONLY £2095.00 Fitted Free – Call 01606 973005


Maxview Dome Fully Auto Sat System

The Maxview Dome is a fully automatic Dome satellite system which will remove the need for any manual tuning.

Features Include:
– Ideal for use in both the UK and Europe, see footprint maps for more details
– Fast satellite acquisition with a typical search time for acquiring the satellite of between 30 to 60 seconds.
– Twin LNB version is ideal for use with PVR’s, SKY+ or with 2 receivers at the same time
– Receives transmissions from Astra1, Astra 2, Hotbird and more
– Lightweight, designed to be permanently mounted to a vehicle roof
– Kit includes: Clear and easy to use control box (receiver not included)
– Very easy to install – only connect the coaxial cable(s) to the control box, no need to connect a separate power supply to the dome
– All weather resistant and fully tested dome casing
– Compatible with all DVB-S standard and high definition satellite receivers including SKY
– 3 year guarantee



ONLY £1249.00 Fitted Free – Call 01606 973005



Next gen Manual 85cm Crank-up Sat System

Manual, roof mounted system – How does it work?

Simply adjust the system from the comfort of your vehicle with the easy to operate direction unit, effortlessly raising and rotating the dish to locate and lock onto your favourite UK TV channels, anywhere in the UK and across into Europe.

The handle shown is mounted onto a vehicle roof.

Features Include:

– Improved handle design with clear and precise elevation display
– Low streamline profile, only 17cm in height in park position
– Elegant modern styling design
– No through the roof mast required, thus giving maximum flexibility on roof installations
– Designed for easier and improved installation
– Cable entry junction box allows for the system to be fitted in the most convenient position on roof
– Easy to align using the ceiling mounted ‘Crank Up” handle and elevation zone map
– Twin LNB as standard – Designed for use with SKY +/HD or free to air receiver with hard drive recording. Alternatively can be used to feed two separate receivers for independent working
– All weather resistant construction
– Robust design solution utilising the latest advances in CAD and Simulation software
– Designed for permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle
– Complete with Operation and Set Up Guide
– 3 year guarantee
– When in park position, the system is compact and hidden out of view and only a little higher than most sky lights


ONLY £695.00 Mega Price!!! – Call 01606 973005

Teleco Satellites

Voyager Digimatic

Manual Satellite Dish with Digital Finder equipped with electronic Inclinometer.

Each kit comes contains:

  • Pre assembled satellite antenna , complete with folding mast and connecting cables.
  • Universal LNB
  • Digital Finder
  • Dish
  • Operation manual

Fitted Here from as low as £799.00 Inc.VAT

Teleco Telesat

HD Automatic Satellite antenna with wall-mounted control panel

All operations are performed on a simple wall panel via 3 keys only:

  • Sat Key: Selects the satellite and starts the search
  • Antenna lowering key
  • ON/OFF Key
  • To be connected to the control unit via a 2m long cable



Fitted here from as low as £1649.00 Inc.VAT