VB Airsuspension

We are the North West Dealer for VB Products, Our Staff at A & E Leisure are trained on VB Systems.

Whether it be technical support advice on VB products. We can Help!

Are you looking for optimal comfort, better driveability and more safety for your light commercial vehicle?

VB Air Suspension is Available for the followings vehicles:

  • Animal Transportation
  • Bus and Coach
  • Car Transportation
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Motorhomes
  • Service Vehicles
  • Wheel Chair  accessible vehicles.


VB Full Air

Your vehicle has a constant driving height. Better road handling and stability of the vehicle. filters the unevenness of the road which increases comfort. Raising / kneeling facility for easy loading and / ore unloading the vehicle.



Semi Air Suspension

Manually Adjustable. Increase vehicle ride height. Suitable for vehicles which are heavily laden.



VB Coil Springs

Increase ride Height. Suitable for vehicles which are heavily laden. Increase suspension travel. Reduce Sagging.



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