VB Full Air Suspension

VB Full Air Suspension

Full air air-suspension is a ideal  solution for the suspension problem.

The existing leaf- or coil-spring will be disassembled for a full-air-suspension system. This contains following parts air-bellows, shock absorbers, compressor and an electrical control unit. The air-suspension system more or less filters the unevenness of the road which increases comfort.

The vehicle stays on the drive-height set by VB-Air suspension with fitting of the set. This driving height is lower then the original height of the unloaded vehicle what increases the stability and road handling of the vehicle. The vehicle level can be changed manually with the standard handheld when the vehicle stands still; therefore lowering of the chassis/ load platform is one of the systems standard possibilities.

Advantages of Full Air air-suspension

  • Your vehicle has a constant driving height, which is even lower as the original driving height of the unloaded vehicle
  • Better road handling and stability of the vehicle, what offers the driver the a safer feeling.
  • The air-suspension system filters the unevenness of the road which increases comfort.
  • Raising / kneeling facility for easy loading and / ore unloading the vehicle.

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