Poor signal from your Caravan or Motorhome aerial?

At A & E Leisure we upgrade the standard aerial to a Digital Teleco Directional unit.

Does it look like this?

Even in good reception sites customer's have fed back that the aerial is poor, hard to program channels or giving very few channels to view.

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Aerial upgraded to a Teleco X2 Teleplus

This aerial give unrivalled performance, it can be directed towards the digital signal to deliver better results.

This antenna was designed and manufactured starting from the experience and great success we gained with the TELEPLUS antenna during many years.

Great care was given to increasing the gain curve, which resulted in an even higher sensitivity to weak signals.

Thanks to the POLARITY DIRECTION MECHANISM, it is possible to receive all TV (Digital and Analog) signals which are transmitted on both HORIZONTAL and VERTICAL polarity with top performance (Digital broadcasting caused the VERTICAL polarity signals to increase in some countries such as Italy and UK).

The set includes a low-noise amplifier with adjustable gain which operates at 12/230 Volt.

Equipped with LTE Suppressor Filter to eliminate any disturbances caused by new 4G Smartphones. (Only for countries that have already incorporated LTE transmissions @ 800 MHz).

Thought about levelling? Check this out.

Review: 15/04/2018 - I had the E&P levelling fitted and had Great service from start to finish from Roger. Excellent communication and fitted at agree time. Thank you. Would highly recommend this company. Mr D Wyatt(Facebook)

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