Teleco Tv Solutions

At A&E Leisure we have a full range of automatic satellite systems and Digitial Aerials to suit any need. 

Teleco Flat Sat Easy Smart Skew 85CM INTELSAT Version

The Teleco Flat Sat Easy Smart skew is an automatic satellite system with ultra-precise location of the satellite.  This allows the dish to lift spin and lock on with ease giving you the perfect picture.  Included with the Skew system is a fully automatic LNB.  As while at the centre of the footprint the best reception is achieved with the LNB positioned horizontally.  In the South Eastern and South Western extremities E.G Turkey and Morocoo you are required to climb on the roof to adjust the LNB, with the Skew this is all done automatically.


Was £2399

Now Fitted From £2199!

Teleco Teleplus X2 Digital

The Teleplus X2 features a polarity direction mechanism meaning it is possible to receive digital signals which are transmitted on both horizontal and vertical polarity.

Also included is a low-noise high gain (38 db) amplifier and an LTE suppressor filter to eliminate any disturbances caused by the new 4g smartphone signal

With the aerial being fully controlled from inside the vehicle its easy and straight forward to locate the signal.



Fitted Price £249.99

Full Product Range Available

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