At A&E Leisure we are fully approved to supply and fit VB air suspension systems. With years of experience we can provide a fully fitted service including a free of charge inspection and quote.

With a range of vehicles from Tag Axle motorhomes to Land Rover Defenders we can offer a wide range of products to suit any need. As you may be aware motorhomes and light commercial vehicles can be subject to heavy crosswinds causing an unstable and uncomfortable feeling. With VB Air suspension the stability of your vehicle will increase.

The full air suspension system includes a set of air springs, shock absorbers, height sensors, compressor and a full electronic control system. This allows full control over the system and with pre-set options Inc Off road, car park and ferry modes the system can be automatically adjusted at the press of a button.

When arriving at your destination the pitch can be unlevelled and sloped, with the addition of auto level this offers the solution with one push of a button the system with adjust the air bags to level out the vehicle giving you a comfortable and level nights sleep.

VB air suspension will increase ride height, level of centre loads, reduce vehicle roll, improve ride comfort and improve handling.

VB also offer a semi air system and coil spring upgrade this includes air bags at the rear and a set of dash mounted switches allowing you to raise and lower the rear of your vehicle from the cab.

This is great when loading the rear garage or when the additional of a bike rack is fitted allowing suspension travel back into your vehicle.

With a wide range of options to suit any need call us on 01606 973 005 or email us for a free of charge quote today.