Coachman Ralley E & P Hydraulics Leveling System Install

Here is a picture of our most recent E&P Hydraulic Leveling Systems installation.  The addition of this great innovation will ensure your caravan (motor home leveling kits available) will be perfectly level each and every time at the push of a button and all in 2 minutes!  The additional weight added is approximately 20KG after the removal of your existing corner steadies.  We fit the main control panel in the most convenient place for you, typically just inside the door, or you can choose to utilize the remote control (available separately) for even more fun!  “What happens if my battery goes flat? is a common concern, there are two ways you can ensure this doesn’t happen, firstly there is a manual hand pump available which you can use to retract the system in the event of a power loss, secondly you could consider the addition of a solar panel which would keep your leisure battery topped up, meaning there is always power available when you need it.  For any more information or to see the system in operation come down to our shop at CW96AA and see for yourself.

e&p rallye