Mercedes Benz Sprinter Semi Air Suspension

The Mercedes Benz Semi Air kit, gives the ability to adjust the deflection of the rear leaf spring.  The air spring is fitted in place of the bump stop and assists the original leaf.  Great alternative to replacing original leaf for larger springs.

The Kit consists of two separate chambers, so each side can be adjusted individually, allowing off centre load adjustment and levelling at rear of vehicle.

Base Kits: the base kits come with the Bags, hoses and Schrader valves that can be terminated at an accessible point on the vehicle for manual inflation.

Comfort Kit: Every VB-SemiAir comfort system contains a gauge, a inflate/deflate switch and a compressor with high load bearing capacity. The switches enable you to raise or lower the ride height of your vehicle and allows you to pump the air into the airspring to reach the desired ride height or comfort. The gauge provides an accurate indication of the pressure in bar inside each air bag.

We can supply this kit for install at home or we can install in our workshop.

Benefits of VB-SemiAir

• Higher ride height and increased spring travel

• Greater stability

• The risk of an off-centre level is reduced (dual-chamber system)

• Variable spring force

• Relatively inexpensive

• Quick to mount thanks to plug-and-play system

• The body, equipment and load remain protected against damage

• Heavy loads are no longer noticeable from outside

• Less strain on the shock absorbers

Base Kit Consists of:
  • Full Kit instructions
  • Air Bags, Hoses & brackets
  • Schrader Valves
  • 2 Yr Warranty
Comfort Kit Consists of:
  • Full Kit instructions
  • Air Bags, Hoses & brackets
  • Wiring, Compressor & connectors
  • Dials, Switches Gauges & Hoses
  • 2 Yr Warranty






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