Solar panel 60 watt installation

Solar panels any size, supplied and fitted, great prices!!!

EG; 60 watt solar panel, supplied and fitted £549.00!!!

The 60watt kit is ideal for use on small / medium sized motor homes where power consumption is mainly limited to running the interior lights and water pump and / or use will only be during Spring, Summer and Autumn.

The typical Daily performance of the solar panel in peak conditions: 420watt-hours per day / 27.79 amp-hours per day.

The installation includes:

1 x 60watt solar panel
1 x 4Ah charge controller
1 x Fitting Kit – no securing holes drilled in the roof and the unit can be swapped to another vehicle!
1 x Cable Feed Gland
1 x Tube SIKA 252 Bonding Agent
1 x Digital Solar Test Meter