Water Ingress…don’t let it rain on your parade…Here at A & E Leisure we are on a mission to keep caravans DRY!


  1. A & E Leisure service; we carry out a full Water ingress check as part of a service.  All services we offer comply to NCC Approved Workshop standards and will maintain any warranty, if your Leisure vehicle is out of warranty you can take comfort in knowing early detection of any ingress can vastly reduce any repair work.
  2. Only want to spend £35; why not have a Water ingress check carried out, any detection of water ingress can seriously reduce the cost of repair work.
  3. Over winter storage and Ventilation…Tips and Hints…most caravans now come with condensation boards fitted behind the cushions but pull the cushions further away from the walls, open all the rooflockers and Bedbox flaps;



Water ingress Checks… Call 01606 973005


Replacement window rubber’s and other minor work … Call 01606 973005


Major Water ingress repairs  … Call 01606 973005