Semiautomatic motordriven satellite antenna

With MotoSat Digimatic the user can align the dish manually with the satellite desired in just a few quick and simple steps. Currently, the biggest diffi culty in manually aligning a dish with a satellite broadcasting digital TV signals is the fact that there is a delay before the digital signals are displayed on LCD TV screens, and so the user is forced to carry out the alignment with a very slow movement in order to avoid the risk of going past the required satellite without realising it.

MotoSat Digimatic is the solution to this problem. In addition to an electronic elevation controller, it is equipped with an electronic elevation meter that sends a reading to the display of the actual absolute value of the inclinationof the dish, even if the vehicle is not level.

The DSF90E/HD that is included indicates (directly) both the elevation and the strength of the signal.

This makes it possible to quickly align this manual dish system with the desired satellite without the disadvantage of delayed signals.

Basically the MotoSat Digimatic is the same as the MotoSat but it is equipped with a digital aligner and an electronic inclinometer.

DSF 80/E is a device specially designed and built for all those users who wish to be able to quickly locate their required DIGITAL satellite with a manual dish system, avoiding all the “delay” issues connected with digital broadcasting.




Teleco Motosat Digimatic 65 Cm Short/Long Mast £1199.00 Fitted

Teleco Voyager Digimatic 85 Cm Short/Long Mast £1249.00 Fitted





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